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Emergency Project: Yellow Creek Slide Repair

Kenmore Construction is the contractor of choice when it comes to emergency situations. Kenmore has proven itself to be fast and reliable when it comes to performing emergency construction repairs. At a moments notice, we have the ability to mobilize work crews, equipment and materials, and perform the highest quality work under very aggressive schedules so that businesses and municipalities can get back to business-as-usual following an emergency situation.

  • Broken Waterlines
  • Collapsed Sewers
  • Broken Firelines
  • Steam line and Chilled Waterline Repairs
  • Sink Holes and Pavement Repairs
  • Utility and Conduit Ductbank Repairs
  • Manhole and Catch Basin Repairs
  • Emergency Sitework and Grading
  • Cofferdams and Sheeting
  • Flood Relief
  • Bank Erosion Repairs
  • Silt/Debris Cleanup
  • Snow Removal